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Security Council Members

The following are the current members of the Security Council; for information about the Security Council, see "Security Council Overview".

i. September Cohort

  1. 0xhombre
    • 0xb71ca4ffbb7b58d75ba29891ab45e9dc12b444ed
  2. Matt Fiebach
    • 0x3bd8e2ac65ad6f0f094ba6766cbd9484ab49ef23
  3. Harry Kalodner is Co-Founder and CTO at Offchain Labs. Harry started working on building Arbitrum while studying at Princeton University.
    • 0xf8e1492255d9428c2Fc20A98A1DeB1215C8ffEfd
  4. Patrick McCorry has spent most of his adult life working on cryptocurrencies and his time was split across academic research and industry. Before working at the Arbitrum Foundation, he has worked on transaction delivery, layer-2 protocols, atomic swaps, consensus protocols, and applied cryptography. In a past life, he was an Assistant Professor at King’s College London and an accomplished researcher at UCL, UIUC and NCL.
    • 0x8f10e3413586c4a8dcfce19d009872b19e9cd8e3
  5. John Morrow
    • 0x3e286452b1c66abb08eb5494c3894f40ab5a59af
  6. Omer
    • 0xb07dc9103328a51128bc6cc1049d1137035f5e28

ii. March Cohort

  1. Bartek Kiepuszewski has been a blockchain architect at MakerDAO since 2017. He also co-founded and TokenFlow Insights. Bartek holds a PhD in computer science from Queensland University of Technology.
    • 0x0275b3d54a5ddbf8205a75984796efe8b7357bae
  2. Zellic is a vulnerability research firm with deep expertise in blockchain security (having audited several leading protocols on Arbitrum); as well as a founding member of the Security Alliance, an industry effort to raise the bar for blockchain security. Organization represented by Stephen Tong.
    • 0xa0683d725420e2F75415806352Cd9c3fE10Fa960
  3. Yoav Weiss is a security researcher at the Ethereum Foundation and has been building in the Ethereum space since 2017, working on account abstraction (ERC-4337), OpenGSN, L2 security, etc. Yoav brings over 25 years of experience and has developed security technologies used by industry leading companies.
    • 0x475816ca2a31D601B4e336f5c2418A67978aBf09
  4. fred is the former Tech Lead at both Offchain Labs and the Arbitrum Foundation and cares about the long-term success and security of the Arbitrum ecosystem. They have read the entire Arbitrum codebase multiple times, written significant parts of it, and has worked on countless engagements (i.e. audits) with security professionals across the industry.
    • 0xee7Fb91D5b776C326a728dc70e917F82d6809E3C
  5. Certora are experts in smart contract formal verification and have formally verified the EVM bytecode of a range of applications for whom security is paramount, Certora is motivated to contribute to developing safe digital and financial infrastructure built on Arbitrum. Organization represented by Derek Sorensen.
    • 0xB3b60932E598fe946169EC209A197184Bad760B7
  6. OpenZeppelin's mission is to secure the decentralized web. By combining their vast experience across DAOs and protocols, comprehensive security solutions, and a community-first approach, OpenZeppelin is uniquely positioned to contribute significantly to Arbitrum's security and governance. Organization represented by Michael Lewellen.
    • 0xe40D80Bd58CEE55DCC2598724d7F1e03E206581D