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$ARB airdrop eligibility and distribution specifications


This document is currently in public preview and may change significantly as feedback is captured from readers like you. Click the Request an update button at the top of this document or join the Arbitrum Discord to share your feedback.


The only official website for the $ARB airdrop is There is no presale. Don't ever share your seed phrase. When in doubt, join the Discord to ask for clarification.

$ARB is an ERC-20 governance token native to the Arbitrum One rollup chain. Token properties at launch:
Initial supply cap10 billion
InflationMax 2% per year
Minting/burning mechanismL2 smart contract
Bridgeable to Ethereum L1?Yes
Tokens launch onArbitrum One
On-chain governance (voting) happens onArbitrum One
Airdrop snapshotBlock 58642080 on Arbitrum One = February 6th, 2023
Claiming startedBlock 16890400 on Ethereum Mainnet = March 23rd, 2023. Please note that $ARB cannot be minted or claimed on the Ethereum Mainnet; it is only minted and claimable on Arbitrum One.
Claiming endedBlock 18208000 on Ethereum Mainnet = September 24th, 2023. Please note that $ARB is no longer claimable.

Token allocation & airdrop distribution

The passing of AIPs 1.1 and 1.2 codified the role of the Arbitrum Foundation and established a grant to the Foundation's Administrative Budget Vesting Wallet. The distribution as of the passing of these two AIPs was as follows:

Distribution Post AIPs 1.1 and 1.2

Percentage of initial supplyNumber of tokensAllocated to
35.28%3.528 billionArbitrum DAO treasury
26.94%2.694 billionTeam and Contributors + Advisors
17.53%1.753 billionInvestors
11.62%1.162 BillionUsers of the Arbitrum platform (via airdrop to user wallet addresses)
7.5%750 millionArbitrum Foundation
1.13%113 millionDAOs building apps on Arbitrum (via airdrop to DAO treasury addresses)

User airdrop eligibility details

A points system was used to determine the number of tokens that airdrop recipients can claim. Points criteria was focused primarily on Arbitrum One; however, there was a small subset of criteria applied to activity on Arbitrum Nova. Points earned on Arbitrum Nova could either bring a user up to 4 points total, or give them one additional point if they had already scored 4 points or more on Arbitrum One. You earn maximum one point per qualifying action performed before the snapshot date. Point scores were capped at 15.

Additionally, as the criteria and design of the airdrop as a whole was intentioned to reward early adopters, points scored (minimum of three) before Arbitrum Nitro was launched on Arbitrum One mainnet are worth twice as much as points scored after. Arbitrum Nitro launched on Arbitrum One mainnet at block #22207817 (Aug-31-2022 02:32:22 PM +UTC).

Qualifying actions:

Points earned on Arbitrum One

  1. Bridged funds into Arbitrum One
  2. Conducted transactions during two distinct months
  3. Conducted transactions during six distinct months
  4. Conducted transactions during nine months
  5. Conducted more than four transactions or interacted with more than four different smart contracts
  6. Conducted more than ten transactions or interacted with more than ten different smart contracts
  7. Conducted more than 25 transactions or interacted with more than 25 different smart contracts
  8. Conducted more than 100 transactions or interacted with more than 100 different smart contracts
  9. Conducted transactions exceeding in the aggregate $10,000 in value
  10. Conducted transactions exceeding in the aggregate $50,000 in value
  11. Conducted transactions exceeding in the aggregate $250,000 in value
  12. Bridged more than $10,000 of assets into Arbitrum One
  13. Bridged more than $50,000 of assets into Arbitrum One
  14. Bridged more than $250,000 of assets into Arbitrum One

Points earned on Arbitrum Nova

  1. Bridged funds into Arbitrum Nova
  2. Conducted more than three transactions
  3. Conducted more than five transactions
  4. Conducted more than ten transactions

Converting Points to tokens:

Points scored (values represent points scored pre-Nitro)Airdrop entitlement
Less than 3Not eligible
12 or more10,250

As described earlier, points scored before and after Arbitrum Nitro was deployed on Arbitrum One mainnet were weighted differently. Points scored before Arbitrum Nitro were worth twice as much as points scored after -- as a result any points scored after Nitro resulted in half as much of an allocation per point shown in the table above. If an address only became fully eligible (minimum of three points) post-nitro, all points scored counted as post-nitro points. Thus, the minimum airdrop entitlement is 625 tokens, half of the minimum entitlement in the table above; the maximum airdrop entitlement is 10250 tokens.

User protections:

To prevent bots from taking advantage of the airdrop, a number of anti-Sybil rules were established:

  • If an airdrop recipient's wallet transactions have all occurred within a 48-hour period, one point is subtracted.
  • If an airdrop recipient's wallet balance is less than .005 ETH, and if the wallet hasn't interacted with more than one smart contract, one point is subtracted.
  • If an airdrop recipient's wallet address has been identified as a Sybil address during the Hop protocol bounty program the recipient is disqualified.

Refer to Arbitrum Sybil Hunting to learn more about the Sybil mitigation methodology. Refer to our Sybil accounts concept document for a conceptual introduction to Sybil accounts.

DAO airdrop criteria and distribution

A separate distribution was allocated for DAOs that are building applications in the Arbitrum ecosystem, as well as the Protocol Guild, a collective of Ethereum contributors. In putting together this criteria we worked with Nansen and analyzed on-chain data to determine how many tokens each DAO community was granted. In doing so we took into account a variety of qualitative and quantitative metrics including when the protocol launched, whether it was native or multichain, how much TVL, activity, transaction volume, value of transactions it had, as well as the consistency of maintaining those metrics. The goal of using a broad variety of criteria was recognizing that Arbitrum is home to a diversity of projects that have different KPIs and user interactions.

You can view the full list of DAOs and their allocations here.

Vesting and lockup details

While the user and DAO airdrops were available at the start of token distribution (3/23/2023), all investor and team tokens are subject to 4 year lockups, with the first unlocks happening one year after the token generation event (3/16/2023) and then monthly unlocks for the remaining three years. The Arbitrum Foundation's allocation is subject to a lockup that began on 4/17/2023 and linearly unlocks over the course of four years; this is enforced by the Arbitrum Foundation Vesting Budget Smart Contract Wallet.