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How to vote on Arbitrum DAO governance proposals


This document is currently in public preview and may change significantly as feedback is captured from readers like you. Click the Request an update button at the top of this document or join the Arbitrum Discord to share your feedback.

As a member of the Arbitrum DAO, it's important to be an active participant in the DAO's decision-making process by voting on governance proposals that other DAO members submit. The voting process can vary depending on the given proposal's stage; in this how-to, you'll learn how to locate, evaluate, and vote on proposals at each of the possible stages.

Proposals in the "temperature check" stage

Proposals are first submitted to the Arbitrum DAO governance forum for community discussion and debate. These forum submissions are usually accompanied by a Snapshot poll that gauges the community's interest in the proposal. As an $ARB token holder (or delegate) you can participate in these Snapshot polls and "temperature check" discussions:

  1. Go to the DAO governance forum.
  2. Locate the proposal you'd like to vote on and read through the proposal and the discussion thread.
  3. Provide feedback and participate in the discussion to help shape the proposal.

The forum submission for any given proposal will usually include a link to a Snapshot poll that allows you to vote on the proposal:

  1. Navigate to Snapshot.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Open the Arbitrum DAO Snapshot space and locate the proposal you'd like to vote on (or click the Snapshot link in the forum submission).
  4. Cast your vote by following the prompts within Snapshot's UI.

Proposals in the "on-chain vote" stage

If the proposal passes the temperature check, it will move on to an on-chain vote facilitated by Tally. To pass this stage, the proposal must meet two thresholds:

  1. The proposal must receive more votes in favor than against; and
  2. Constitutional AIPs must receive votes from at least 5% of votable tokens; non-Constitutional AIPs must receive votes from at least 3% of votable tokens.

To vote on proposals in the "on-chain vote" stage:

  1. Log in to Tally using a wallet that has been delegated voting power. $ARB tokens must be delegated to the wallet address before the voting period beings to vote on the proposal.
  2. Navigate to the "explore DAOs" section or click on "My DAOs" within your Tally profile and select the page for either Constitutional or non-Constitutional AIPs.
  3. Locate the proposal you'd like to vote on and cast your vote.

On proposal evaluation

It's important to evaluate proposals based on their alignment with the values and goals of the Arbitrum DAO as outlined in the Constitution. Remember that the ultimate goal of the DAO is to create a decentralized and transparent platform that benefits all members, including those who aren't yet members.

On delegation

You can grant your voting power to a delegate if you don't have the time to actively participate in the governance process. If you decide to delegate your voting power to someone else, be sure to select a delegate who demonstrates the values enshrined within the Constitution. If you're looking for guidance on how to delegate, or how to select a delegate, refer to How to delegate your voting power.


This system is in its early days and will likely evolve in response to feedback from readers like you. Changes made to this process will be facilitated through proposals that follow the procedure outlined in the Constitution. To learn more about proposals or the voting process, refer to the Constitution and the other documents within this content set. If you have any questions or concerns, visit the Arbitrum DAO governance forum or Discord.